Soundfest review published

photo by Cole Morgan

photo by Cole Morgan

On Saturday, March 30 I was among the artists performing and presenting installations for Soundfest at Amherst College. Katharine Duke’s review was published on Wednesday, April 3rd, with photos by Cole Morgan and Rob Mattson, including an audio excerpt of my piece, “Similaria” here:

Artists participating in Soundfest included faculty and alumni of Amherst College, local artists, and Copeland Fellows like myself, a part of the 2012–13 Copeland Colloquium: “Art in Place / the Place of Art.”

March 30, Soundfest at Amherst College

springboard closeupSaturday, March 30, 2013
multiple locations at Amherst College

I am creating a new electroacoustic composition to be performed solo in Soundfest, a showcase of indoor and outdoor sound installation work and performances. It happens all around the Amherst College campus. I perform “Similaria” in the Mead Art Museum. Soundfest features the work of Tim Eriksen, Jake Meginsky, Steph Robinson, Wendy Woodson, Phil Dupont, and myself. Read more about Soundfest here:
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Art in Research / the Place of Research in Art

4:30 PM, Tuesday March 12
Reading Room in the Robert Frost Library, Amherst College

Copeland Fellows Idan Cohen, Eric Leonardson, Matana Roberts and Artist in Residence Rebekah Tolley reflect on varying modes of “research” in their multidisciplinary work, exploring how their creative process shapes the works they produce.

More info:

Sound and Image at Eli Marsh Gallery – Opening Monday, March 4

rebekah tolley - tortuaI made new sounds to accompany two of Rebekah Tolley’s animated image sequence projections of organic life forms. One of these sounds is part of a robotic piece. These are among her visual works on display at the Eli Marsh Gallery next week, Monday, March 4, 2013 at Amherst College.

rebekah tolley - spiderAt 4:30 on Thursday, March 7 Rebekah Tolley gives a lecture on her work at Pruyne Lecture Hall, 115 Fayerweather. A reception follows at the Eli Marsh Gallery.

Rebekah Tolley is a printmaker, digital media artist. Visiting Artist-In-Residence in the Department of Art and Art History at Amherst College where I am in residence, as a Copeland Fellow.

My sounds accompany two video installations. One is titled, “Molting.” This slowly changing, animated image sequence is projected a white handmade paper sculptural form on the gallery floor. “Tortua” is the title of the other installation. Its image sequence is projected onto a robotically inflated pneumatic sculpture. The images in both pieces come from ocean life forms, specifically a molting crab and a seashell. My sounds are recorded were made using analog synthesis, and digital post processing of the audio’s spectral content, to create slowly changing swells that ebb and return. We hear a single sound that hovering in a stationary place, that always changes internally, similar in character to the pace of changing shape and colors in the images.

This video shows “Tortua,” with robotics by Mike Tolley, followed by “Molting.” Mike and I will will talk a about our contributions at Rebekah’s lecture this Thursday, March 7 at 4:30 pm in Pruyne Lecture Hall and Eli Marsh Gallery, 115 & 105 Fayerweather Hall, Amherst College.

Amherst College Copeland Colloquia on Art in Place / the Place of Art

ArtinPlacePosterFallFinalBeginning in January I will be an artist-in-residence at Amherst College. I was selected by faculty at Amherst College to be a Copeland Fellow in their colloquium on “Art in Place/the Place of Art.” The Copeland Fellows for the spring semester also include saxophonist Matana Roberts, filmmaker Catherine Masud, and choreographer Idan Cohen.

The Copeland Colloquium was established in 1971 by Morris A. Copeland, Class of 1917, and his wife, Mary, with the intent “to bring together people of diverse backgrounds and different perspectives to engage with faculty and students at Amherst College in a way designed to promote the cross-fertilization of ideas.” The Copeland Fellows, who often participate in colloquia and other programming on campus, bring to the College a variety of perspectives and interests, enriching the Amherst community.

Read more about the Copeland Colloquia here.
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