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A Fatal Echoing June Fjord by American Space Quintet
Striking Mechanism (digital album, 9 tracks, released September 2014)

yellow highlighted water surface surrounded by all black spaceThis release represents a live, improvised performance (first ever meeting) of the ASQ, at Spotty Dog Books and Ales in Hudson, NY on June 29, 2013. Released September 2, 2014 on Striking Mechanism

American Space Quintet are Doug Van Nort, greis/electronics; Jefferson Pitcher, guitar; Al Margolis, violin, analog electronics; Eric Leonardson, springboard/electronics; Jonathan Chen, violin.

Vendlam by Eric Leonardson, Al Margolis, and Doug Van Nort
Attention Circuit ACC 1015

album cover, black&white photo of plants against white backgroundLimited edition CDr featuring a live concert performance with Doug Van Nort (GREIS-Granular-Feedback Expanded Instrument System) Al Margolis a.k.a. If, Bwana (analog synthesizer, violin), and Eric Leonardson (springboard).

Recorded June 8, 2013 live at the Experimental Music Showcase at My Pizza Place, Poughkeepsie, New York. Album design by EMERGE with photography by KLONK. Mastered by Doug Van Nort. Thanks to Jonathan Chen.

Track titles/times:

  1. mandlev [19:59]
  2. lamvend [5:20]
  3. vlandem [13:44]

Limited edition, 33 numbered copies. Digital download available on


[rec.phonophon] - 5 Year Archive – Various Artists surreal human-plant figure with one eye for a body on pink background


[rec.phonophon] is a compilation accompanying the concert series Phonophon celebrating its 5th year of existence in 2014, curated by the Verein zur Förderung von Phonographie und experimenteller Musik (society for the advancement of phonography an experimental music) in Frankfurt/ Main.

Available at

previous releases

Rub by Auris (Eric Leonardson, Julia Miller, Christopher Preissing) + Gino Robair
Public Eyesore [PE 125] (sold out) with co-release digital version on Pan Y Rosas

textured print image Eric Leonardson - Springboard, Electronics
Julia Miller - Guitar, Electronics
Christopher Preissing - Flute, Electronics
Gino Robair - Percussion, Electronics

Recorded October 2010 at Experimental Sound Studio Alex Inglizian. Mastered by Neil Jendon. Artwork by Eric Leonardson. Album notes by Lou Mallozzi. Design by Christopher Preissing.

Explorations in Sound, Vol. 4 The Sound of Live Performance - Various Explorations in Sound CD coverArtists
Furthernoise FNCD007

Featured track title: "Feedback.mono"
Net label release curated by Furthernoise editor Roger Mills. The release is a 23 track compilation of noisemakers responding to the theme of the incidental and unexpected audio consequences of live performance, and is free to download with printed sleeve from the February/March 2011 issue of

This compilation assembles those "sound failures, the misassigned patch, unintended playing outcomes, FX overloads, calibrations and pinnacles of performative exploration" that offer sources for eclectic new material. All works licensed under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales.

Rarebit front coverRarebit by Steve Barsotti and Eric Leonardson

Rarebit is the culmination of a four-year project by sound artists and instrument inventors Steve Barsotti and Eric Leonardson. Taking their cues from 20th Century sound artist-inventors Luigi Russolo and Harry Partch, the self-built instruments of Barsotti and Leonardson use coil springs, eyebolts, various pieces of wood and other familiar materials that are amplified by contact microphones, skillfully producing sounds of incredible depth and texture, an amazing richness and variety given their humble origins. Their unique sounds are unlike any made with traditional Western instruments and modern electronic instruments. Given these novel sounds, their music retains human-level gestures as one expects from traditional acoustic music, yet with an emphasis on texture and timbre instead of melody or meter.

Rarebit may draw comparisons to the sounds and music of fellow instrument inventors Hal Rammel, Bob Rutman, and the late Hugh Davies. Most of the nine pieces on the CD (nine tracks, 72 minutes total) are improvised pieces and two were composed. They create streams of sound that move fluidly from scene to scene with a communicative style and a dramatic sense of presence and dynamic range: from effervescent burbling, animal-like whines and grunts, to gritty metallic drones that transform into forlorn hissing and ethereal soundscapes. Some passages are nearly silent, breathy, and tranquil.

Deep Wireless 3, Radio art double-CD compilation from the 2005 Deep Wireless Festival Deep wireless logo

"Other Music", produced and performed with Ana Friz, Evalyn Parry, and Chris Brookes for the 2005 Deep Wireless Festival, a month-long celebration of radio art including new commissions, special broadcasts, artist residencies, performances and sound installations; held annually by New Adventures In Sound Art in Toronto.

Noise To Meet You CD cover

Noise To Meet You U.S.A., limited edition CDR compilation curated by Zenial (Lukasz Szalankiewicz), (simlog015) Simple Logic Records, 2005

A Call For Silence CD coverA Call For Silence, from the Sonic Arts Network, 2004

"Erster Berliner" featured on this CD compilation curated by Nicolas Collins, with a handsomely designed and illustrated 28-page booklet. Featuring works by 32 artists, including Dale Lloyd, Francisco Lopez, and Alvin Lucier.

Jacopo Andreini vs 900, vol. 1 CD front coverJacopo Andreini vs 900, vol. 1
BAR16 CD, Frigorifero Prod./Burp/Bar La Muerte, 2002

winter construction cover artWinter Construction
limited edition CDR compilation (dceo003), 2001

Featuring tracks by Chicago artists Fred Lonberg-Holm, the Flying Luttenbachers, Ernst Karel/ Brent Gutzeit/ Jason Soliday, Lozenge, Metallux, TV Pow, and others... available on-line from dead ceo

Radio Reverie CD coverRadio Reverie in the Waiting Place

IEL 0011 CD, Not In The Family Records, 1999
Solo electroacoustic works created between 1992 and 1998. Distributed by Asian Improv Records.

Active Vision by Andrea Polli

Limited ed. CD-R Produced at Harvestworks, Digital Media Arts Center through the Artist-In-Residence Program and at iEAR Studios through the iEAR Summer Residency Program, 1999.


Antioch Records, 1999
Guest musician on "Let Me In" with the heavy metal band Lofty Magnificent Box.

Animus CD front cover artAnimus

CD, Not In The Family Records, 1998
Duo improvisations on Springboard with vocalist Carol Genetti. Distributed by Asian Improv Records

In the Eye of the Ear

cassette compilation, 1998
Works by artists participating in the third installment of In the Eye of the Ear audio art festival. "OvertUr" is an early Springboard composition recorded at the Experimental Sound Studio.

From the Pages of Experimental Musical Instruments, Volume 11

cassette compilation, Experimental Musical Instruments magazine, 1996
"The Root Cellar" is a companion piece to an EMI article about the Springboard.

Dig This: A Benefit Compilation for Doorika Theater

CD, Sweet Pea Records, 1995
"Father Waters Anoints His Nostalgia with Flying Bacon"

Experience the NOW Sound of Chicago's HOT Wicker Park®

CD compilation, Terminal Projects Group (Chicago), 1994
"Degauss Ballerina" by Wormwood


cassette album, Lobe Hatch (Chicago), 1994
early electroacoustic improvisations in the experimental trio with Dylan Posa and Spencer Sundell.

Urban Archeology/Site Removal

self-produced cassette release, 1993
supported in part by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council.

Nature and Machines

LP, Root Records, 1988
by Hand To Mouth: Gene Pool (vocals, guitar, grass suits), Sasha Sumner (saxophone), Dave Jackson (guitar, vocals), Eric Leonardson (drums), Warren Crowell (bass), Oliver Seay (percussion)

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