The Institute for Implied Imperfection – Broadcast with Jason Soliday

Broadcast live on Saturday, February 20, 2016 at The Institute for Implied Imperfection with Jason Soliday (synths, computer, objects) and myself (Springboard, electronics).


Springboard – New Video by Josh Baum and Eric Leonardson

Springboard – Eric Leonardson from Joshua Baum on Vimeo.

An intimate performance demonstration of Eric Leonardson’s Springboard, a self-built instrument made from coil springs, wood, and other everyday objects, amplified by a single piezo-electric contact microphone. Its diverse and unusual sounds belie its humble origins. Leonardson built the Springboard in 1994 and has since performed with many artists locally, nationally, and internationally.

Joshua Baum shot and edited this video at Amherst College in 2013.

January 17, Art’s Birthday Broadcast

Today, January 17th is Art’s Birthday and I am netcasting a selection of recent and not so recent recordings as my gift for Art’s Birthday, an annual network exchange-art event celebrated internationally every January 17th, by a loose collection of artists and artist organizations. View the schedule of event to listen and watch at

Listen to my broadcast on at 5 pm at

Streaming began today at 3:45 PM GMT -5 / US Eastern. Follow me on Twitter, and Facebook If you have missed the event, no worries…simply visit and listen the track I played from my SoundCloud profile.

Respire: Performance with Anna Friz at ESS on SoundCloud

ESS posted my performance with Anna Friz for the opening of Respire at Audible on its SoundCloud profile. What you hear, amongst a roomful of radios receiving the sounds of breathing and other bodily exclamations typically absent from regular radio programming, is Anna playing amplified sruti, mbira, and electronics. I performed on the Springboard and Korg MS-20. We performed on Friday July 16, 2011. Listen here: Anna Friz and Eric Leonardson Live in Studio A by Experimental Sound Studio

Chicago Phonography Concert on Airplay Now Available as Podcast

The Chicago Phonography concert on Airplay is now available online. It was performed as a live broadcast from 4:30–7:00 p.m., Saturday, July 16

Find the and listen via WNUR’s stream link.

COMING UP: Chicago Phonography performs at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore for World Listening Day on Saturday, July 23. Find more information on the website of the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology (MSAE).

Chicago Phonography is an informal collective that performs with field recordings from around the Chicago land area:

“Nature performs, we provide the secretarial services.” R. Murray Schafer

Alt_tech: CEC—eContact! 12.3 – Instrument – Interface

Handheld Audio Art Devices, article published in June at

eContact! is the Canadian Electroacoustic Community’s (CEC) online journal of electroacoustics launched in May 1998 as the successor to its print journal, Contact! …published four times a year in French and English. Guest editors have been invited to coordinate one issue per year. Articles, reviews, interviews, commentaries and analyses are featured in the journal, supported by audio and video files. All freely available to the public.

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Ear Room Interview

link to Ear RoomMark Peter Wright interviewed me for the March issue of Ear Room, an online publication exploring the creative use of sound in artistic practice. A recording of mine is also featured on Ear Room’s Soundcloud player audio archive.

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Shapes of Sound exhibition online

Eric Leonardson performs on the Springboard

Eric Leonardson performs on the Springboard, an amplified walker with a wide variety of springs and percussion devices attached. Woodland Pattern Book Center, Milwaukee, WI (1997).

Hal Rammel inspired me to make my own instruments in 1990. Tonight, I learned from him that a web page about the wonderful exhibition of experimental musical instruments and their inventors, The Shapes of Sound: Musical Instruments and the Imagination in the Midwest, curated by Hal is now online.

I was honored to be among the 14 artist-inventors having their instruments on display. My Springboard was shown, and I gave a brief solo performance in the show. The show was held in October through December 1997 at an important, non-profit center for culture and learning in the Midwest, Woodland Pattern Book Center located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1979.

As noted on my Experimental Instruments page, the Springboard was built in 1994 thanks to Hal’s example as a sensitive and thoughtful maker, performer, and teacher.

Many photographs of the artist-inventors, and the exhibition itself, are shown along with Hal Rammel’s enlightening catalog essay. To learn more about his fascinating writing, visual art and music for yourself, please visit Hal’s homepage.