Chicago Phonography Concert on Airplay Now Available as Podcast

The Chicago Phonography concert on Airplay is now available online. It was performed as a live broadcast from 4:30–7:00 p.m., Saturday, July 16

Find the and listen via WNUR’s stream link.

COMING UP: Chicago Phonography performs at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore for World Listening Day on Saturday, July 23. Find more information on the website of the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology (MSAE).

Chicago Phonography is an informal collective that performs with field recordings from around the Chicago land area:

“Nature performs, we provide the secretarial services.” R. Murray Schafer

Giant Ear, August 30

Giant Ear, August 30Giant Ear))) curated by Eric Leonardson

The August 2009 edition of Giant Ear features interviews with Bernie Krause and Jerome Joy; selected field recordings and audio streams from the global Locus Sonus sound map, geo-tagged recordings from radio aporee, my Sonic Playground at Lake Crescent Park, Chicago Phonography performing at the Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as soundwalks by members of the World Listening Project logoWorld Listening Project and the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology.

Air date:

Sunday, August 30
7:00 PM—9:00 PM EDT (6:00 PM—8:00 PM CDT | UTC/GMT -5) online radio

Presented by the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology, Giant Ear))) is a two-hour radio show webcast weekly on Sundays, 7-9pm on
Download mp3 (filesize 144MB)

Open Your Locustream Mic!

Locustream MapThe World Listening Project and Locus Sonus are collaborating to populate the Locustream Map at

You are invited to particpate. How-to info is provided here:

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Free Radio SAIC archive: Jérôme Joy and Eric Leonardson

On Friday, December 5 Jérôme Joy played “Sobralasolas! Episode 1” on Free Radio SAIC. This 80-minute radio-opera was created in collaboration with Dinahbird, Caroline Bouissou, Björn Eriksson, Kaffe Matthews, and Gregory Whitehead. Afterward, I joined Jérôme for a wonderful 30-minute performance on my Springboard. Jérôme played lapotop. This programs ran for two hours. Listen here on the Free Radio SAIC archives:

“Sobralasolas! Episode 1” is to be released soon as a CD on Avatar.

Upcoming Performances in December

    3—5:00 PM, Friday, December 5 with Jérôme Joy on Free Radio SAIC

    7:30 PM, Monday, December 8 with Will Soderberg at Myopic Books

Friday, December 5, 03:00 PM US Central Time (GMT -6) — Jérôme Joy from the Locus Sonus project webcasts “Sobralasolas ! episode 1”, his networked radio play produced in collaboration with Dinahbird (Bird), Caroline Bouissou (Caroline), Björn Eriksson (Miulew), Kaffe Matthews (Mademoiselle Jaune) and Gregory Whitehead (Têteblanche). Jérôme then joins Eric Leonardson for discussion of the new partnership of Locus Sonus  and the World Listening Project, concluding the program with an improvised musical duet of invented instruments and laptop.

Listen in on

Program, running from 3 pm to 5 pm:

  • 1 hour: “Sobralasolas ! episode 1” (radio play, with an introduction) by Jérôme Joy
  • 30 min: Eric Leonardson and Jérôme Joy discussion of Locus Sonus, World Listening Project
  • 30 min: live improvisation by Eric Leonardson (springboard) and Jérôme Joy (electronics)
  • Monday, December 8 7:30 PM – Myopic Books with Will Soderberg (MIDI guitar, micromoog)

    1564 N. Milwaukee Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60622, upstairs