World Listening Day 2015 Taylor & Francis Offer

WORLD LISTENING DAY 2015Until the end of August, for World Listening Day 2015 the publisher, Taylor & Francis offers free downloads of my article, “Sound and Listening: Beyond the Wall of Broadcast Sound” in the Journal of Radio & Audio Media.

To share your World Listening Day 2015 info use Twitter hashtag #WLD2015.


“Rub” New CD Release On Public Eyesore and Pan Y Rosas

CD cover "Rub"Just in and out this week, a new CD recorded with the Auris Trio (Christopher Preissing, Julia Miller, and me) and renowned the San Francisco percussionist Gino Robair. Purchase yours on Public Eyesore or download a free MP3 version from the Pan Y Rosas netlabel.

The CD (PE 125) feature duos and quartets with the members of the
Auris Trio and Gino Robair, six tracks in all, recorded at ESS in 2010 by Alex Inglizian. It was exquisitely mastered by Neil Jendon. The artwork features an intaglio print I made in the 1970s. Lou Mallozzi wrote the album notes and Christopher Preissing designed the album art.

Eric Leonardson – springboard, electronics
Julia Miller – guitar, electronics
Christopher Preissing – flute, electronics
Gino Robair – percussion, electronics

If you’ve never experienced our music live, this it the next best thing. Check back on this “what’s new” blog or sign up for my email list to receive news about a future CD release concert in 2014.


Original Instruments Concert, Live at the RAM, 4-22-12

Album coverBlondena Music has released the live recording of the first concert of original music performed on original instruments at the Racine Art Museum, by Hal Rammel, Wilhelm Matthies, the Kenosha FreeGagaku Ensemble, and myself.

Download or stream the recordings and see photos of the instruments and performers here on Blondena Music.

The Tuning of the World, NAE article 1994

In August 1993 I attended Tuning of the World, the First International Conference on Acoustic Ecology at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta, Canada. With around 150 other people I played a very small part in starting the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

Lou Mallozzi and I wrote an article about the conference published in the New Art Examiner. Here is scan in PDF format for download.

New Art Examiner was based in Chicago, the Midwest’s premiere regional arts journal, publishing from 1973 to 2002.

In October, I began serving as the Vice President of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology. In 2012 I expect to become President replacing fellow WFAE members Nigel Frayne and Hill Kobayashi.

Visit my Articles & Reviews page to find other writings of mine.

The Sounds of Summer

9–10 a.m. (PST) Wednesday, August 10, 2011 the Seattle Phonographers Union (Steve Peters, Dale Lloyd, Perri Lynch, and Steve Barsotti) performed on Weekday, and talked with radio host Steve Scher, on Seattle’s KUOW to discuss the Sounds of Summer.

Some of my summertime sounds from Chicago were also featured on the show.

Here are eight summer sounds I recorded, from which KUOW selected for the show, and here for you to hear in their entirety:

| Squirrel and cicada 2011 | Eric Leonardson

| Thunderstorm and torrential downpour 2011 | Eric Leonardson

| Fourth of July Chicago 2010 | Eric Leonardson

| Hailstorm June 30 2011 | Eric Leonardson

| hot_coals100530_03 2010 | Eric Leonardson

| ice cream truck 2010 | Eric Leonardson

| jetflyover-cicadas-AC 2010 | Eric Leonardson

| Landscaping crew mowing lawn leaf-blowers 2011 | Eric Leonardson

Explorations in Sound, Vol. 4 The Sound of Live Performance – Various Artists

cd_big90My work, titled “Feedback.mono” is on Explorations in Sound, Volume 4, The Sound of Live Performance, a net label release curated by Furthernoise editor Roger Mills. The release is a 23 track compilation of noisemakers responding to the theme of the incidental and unexpected audio consequences of live performance, and is free to download with printed sleeve from the February/March 2011 issue of

This compilation on The Sound of Live Performance assembles those “sound failures, the misassigned patch, unintended playing outcomes, FX overloads, calibrations and pinnacles of performative exploration” that offer sources for eclectic new material.

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Art’s Birthday 2011 Archive

Eric Leonardson’s Art’s Birthday 2011 Archive

Art’s Birthday 2011



Audio and images of performances by Christain Pinock, Guillermo Gregorio, and Eric Leonardson recorded on Sunday, January 16 at
Enemy (Chicago, USA).

Control + click on this link to download and unzip the (101 MB) folder containing one Ogg Vorbis file. The total length of the concert recording is 68 minutes.

Images from the concert are featured on Flickr. Direct link to the photo set:

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2010 World Forum for Acoustic Ecology Conference in Koli, Finland

Finnish Society for Acoustic Ecology website imageMy presentation, “Tourists in the Soundscape, Acoustic Ecology in Chicago” will be given at 2:30 p.m. Thursday, June 16 in the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology International Conference, Ideologies and Ethics in the Uses and Abuses of Sound in Koli, Finland.

The conference runs from June 16-19, 2010. Conference proceedings (abstracts, papers, and audio recordings) will be available on the Finnish Society for Acoustic Ecology website.

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Topping the List of LMJ’s “Most Downloaded Articles”

Leonardo Music JournalNic Collins informed me that my 2007 article, “The Springboard: The Joy of Piezo Disk Pickups for Amplified Coil Springs” has topped the list of Leonardo Music Journals “Most Downloaded Articles.”

My article was published in LMJ Volume 17 and is a free download intended to educate and inspire you to make your own to explore and discover sounds. Please enjoy.

Lightbox Orchestra – At Elastic Arts – 3 | Kuro Neko Music

Kuro Neko Music has released a recorded live performance of Fred Lonberg-Holm’s “Lightbox Orchestra” at the Elastic Arts Foundation, in Chicago. I performed in the orchestra along with…

Fred Lonberg-Holm – lightbox operator
Todd A. Carter – electronics
Michael Colligan – dry ice and implements
Rob Drinkwater – electronics
Abe Gibson – guitar and electronics
Brian Labycz – electronics
Frank Rosaly – percussion and electronics
Vadim Sprikut – electronics
Aaron Zarzutzki – snare drum

Listen and download the album and other recordings.