re:flexions / sound-art festival 2018

Friday, July 20, I am performing with musicians Anja Kreysing (from Muenster) and Donatella Bartolomei (from Italy) in the re:flexions sound-art festival.

Sommestr. 30
Augsburg, Germany 86156

presented by attenuation circuit

re:flexions / sound-art festival 2018 Teaser from LDX #40 on Vimeo.

13 artists joining for 5 unique collaborations

“For each 30 min long performance, two to three artists collaborate for the very first time. They work on a new composition or improvise together. Therefore resulting in a unique exchange of various experimental and cultural styles.”

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Ragdale Residency | February 2018

trees, snow, house

The Ragdale House at sunset, photo by Eric Leonardson © 2018

The start of this new year brings a special time for peaceful reflection, planning, performing, production, and fellowship during my 25-day residency at Ragdale. This is my third residency here since 2015. Ragdale is an interdisciplinary artists’ community established in 1976 in Lake Forest, Illinois by poet Alice Judson Hayes, the granddaughter of architect Howard Van Doren Shaw.

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Sound Department Colloquium Series – Feb 25


Scene from “SoundTent At Camp Sherwin,” a dawn chorus transmission event with The Radius (Episode 63), on May 2, 2015.



Thursday, Feb. 25th,
4.15 p.m.

Room 522,
112 S Michigan

This presentation open to all School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) students, staff, and faculty.

Find the poster (PDF) here.

Review of “Rub” by Auris + Gino

Rub by Auris, art by Eric LeonardsonOur CD Rub by Auris with Gino Robair received a very positive review by Dave Madden. Auris is my trio with Julia Miller and Christopher Preissing. Rub was released in 2013 by Public Eyesore, and is available on SquidCo.


Rub is a dazzling display of virtuosity. So much talent across musical chops and knowing how to use that Ivory Tower perfection to offer new music is almost criminal.” Read the whole review here in The Squid’s Ear.

Different Worlds | Review of Rub

The Sound Projector bannerThe Sound Projector, the wonderful, British music magazine and radio show, posted a Rupert Loydell’s new review of “Rub,” my 2013 CD with Auris and Gino Robair.

Auris is my trio formed in 2007 with Julia Miller and Christopher Preissing. Rub is available as a joint label on Public Eyesore and Pan Y Rosas.
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Phonophon 5 Year Anniversary Double-CD

Phonophon compilation CD


I am pleased to announce [rec.phonophon], a new double CD release celebrating the fifth year of the Phonophon concert series of phonography and experimental music in Frankfurt am Main.

Curated by the Verein zur Förderung von Phonographie und experimenteller Musik (society for the advancement of phonography an experimental music), Phonophon has featured more than 50 concerts with local, national and international artists.

As a participating artist in 2012 my contribution to the project is “Howard CTA Station (Live Dec. 2013).”

The CD is in an edition of 500. “40 tracks give the listener the chance to go on a trip through a diverse and ever expanding sound universe.” To order a copy, listen to samples, etc., please visit All proceeds help organize future projects.


Reviews of “Vendlam”

My recent CDR release, “Vendlam” with Doug Van Nort and Al Margolis received a couple nice reviews this month.

On his blog, Touching Extremes, Massimo Ricci wrote, “Barely grasping the elemental matter behind these aggregations of fizzling frequencies, coughing pulses, crepitant outgrowths and tortured strings means that the artists have trapped you in the impossibility of a definition….Chaos finally triumphs, mere minutes before the end.”

In Vital Weekly #938 Frans de Waard wrote, “It was quiet in the past weeks when it comes to releases on Attenuation Circuit (although they are active with download only releases), but here’s a new release of a trio of improvisers: Al Margolis (best known as the man from If, Bwana and label-boss of Pogus Productions) on violin and synthesizer, Eric Leonardsen on springboard, which is something he built himself and he plays with cello bows and homemade friction mallets and Doug van Nort on his laptop using Greis (pronounce ‘grace’) which he built using max/msp. They performed in concert on June 8, 2013 in My Pizza Place, Poughkeepise, NY as part of the Experimental Music Showcase. This all makes somehow quite an electronic work, especially in the final, title, piece things get pretty noisy and the music seems to be an imitation of the sounds of a train getting to a grinding hold. Quite enjoyable I think. In the opening piece, ‘Mandlev’, is much milder piece in which they scratch and scrape their instruments and it slowly builds up; it seems that the laptop needs time to heat up but once he’s there, he provides a nice backing to the piece, the mortar between bricks. In between ‘Lamvend’ is the shortest and acts a sort of bridge between the longer first and third piece, of slow and low humming sound. Quite a nice one, this one. Nice to see this on a CDR, but perhaps nicer would have been to actually witness the concert? This is, however, a nice souvenir of the event itself.”


Vendlam – On Attenuation Circuit

Attention Circuit has released Vendlam, a limited edition CDr featuring a live concert performance with Doug Van Nort on GREIS and Al Margolis (If, Bwana) on analog synthesizer and violin, and myself on Springboard. Available at

Our performance was recorded on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at the Experimental Music Showcase at My Pizza Place, Poughkeepsie, New York. The album design by EMERGE with photography by KLONK is lovely.

Vendlam [ACC 1015] Track titles/times:

  1. mandlev [19:59]
  2. lamvend [5:20]
  3. vlandem [13:44]

Limited edition, 33 numbered copies. Recorded by Eric Leonardson. Mastered by Doug Van Nort. Thanks to Jonathan Chen.

vendlam cover

Janaury 2014 WFAE President’s Report

My President’s Report for the year-end issue of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE) Quarterly News has been published. This issue includes “Teaching Sound and Listening: Auditory Experiments”, a feature article by Leonardo Cardoso and a research/project report “Mapping the Sounds of Collections: Listening to Museums and Archives” By John Kannenberg. My report provides a updates on this year’s WFAE conference in Canada and Portugal and the next issue the WFAE’s annual Soundscape: The Journal for Acoustic Ecology.

The WFAE Quarterly News is a supplement to Soundscape: The Journal for Acoustic Ecology, the annual print journal the WFAE publishes, and serves as a way to make available in a timely manner, news, events, opportunities, and announcements from the WFAE Board, WFAE Affiliates, and other sources of interest to those in the field of acoustic ecology. Please visit to learn what this diverse community and field of artistic, scientific, and educational activity is about.

“Rub” New CD Release On Public Eyesore and Pan Y Rosas

CD cover "Rub"Just in and out this week, a new CD recorded with the Auris Trio (Christopher Preissing, Julia Miller, and me) and renowned the San Francisco percussionist Gino Robair. Purchase yours on Public Eyesore or download a free MP3 version from the Pan Y Rosas netlabel.

The CD (PE 125) feature duos and quartets with the members of the
Auris Trio and Gino Robair, six tracks in all, recorded at ESS in 2010 by Alex Inglizian. It was exquisitely mastered by Neil Jendon. The artwork features an intaglio print I made in the 1970s. Lou Mallozzi wrote the album notes and Christopher Preissing designed the album art.

Eric Leonardson – springboard, electronics
Julia Miller – guitar, electronics
Christopher Preissing – flute, electronics
Gino Robair – percussion, electronics

If you’ve never experienced our music live, this it the next best thing. Check back on this “what’s new” blog or sign up for my email list to receive news about a future CD release concert in 2014.