Different Worlds | Review of Rub

The Sound Projector bannerThe Sound Projector, the wonderful, British music magazine and radio show, posted a Rupert Loydell’s new review of “Rub,” my 2013 CD with Auris and Gino Robair.

Auris is my trio formed in 2007 with Julia Miller and Christopher Preissing. Rub is available as a joint label on Public Eyesore and Pan Y Rosas.

Loydell wrote, “Electronics give an unworldly edge…if one wants to pursue the landscape metaphor, a world sculpted with noise and sound, a conversation between the organic and it’s treated digital self. This music is both exciting and challenging.” The cover art pictured in the review is an intaglio print I made ca. 1979.

Julia Miller was a 2013 recipient of the Helen Coburn Meier and Tim Meier Foundation Award for Artistic Achievement.

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