Between Air and Electricity | The Springboard by Eric Leonardson

The Springboard invented by Eric Leonardson in 1994.

Today, Cathy Van Eck, author of the wonderful book, Between Air and Electricity: Microphones and Loudspeakers As Instruments, posted about the Springboard.

She describes my playing techniques, materials, and construction through the process of discovery. My new detailed drawings help describe its construction. Many links to a range of publications, audio, and videos are included, among them a 2013 concert with Birgit Ulher in Bond Chapel at the University of Chicago.

Land Lines | World Listening Day 2016 | Nature Conservancy of Canada

WLD2016logo-3Today my piece about World Listening Day 2016 posted on Land Lines, the blog of the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

This year’s theme is “Sounds Lost and Found.” It was devised by Nigerian sound artist, Emekah Ogboh who discussed this earlier today in the #SoundCon x #WLD2016 virtual symposium. This and many other cogent presentations from around the world are archived on the YouTube Live platform. Read about my own 606 Soundscape project on the Bloomingdale Trail.

Land Lines offers thought-provoking reads about research and discoveries in the conservation field. Interested in contributing? Email

World Listening Day 2016 | Sounds Lost & Found | The 606 Soundscape

606soundscapeFor World Listening Day 2016, I have organized a cohort of teaching artists and musicians who will transform our experience of The 606 & Bloomingdale Trail soundscape in Chicago this Saturday, Sunday and Monday, July 16–18. Events will actively engage in new ways of outdoor listening and sound making. Please visit the 606 Soundscape blog and Facebook Events for the full schedule. Attendance is free and open to all ages.

Along with performances and soundwalks, a global virtual symposium hosted through #SoundCon and the World Listening Project, celebrates World Listening Day 2016 “Sounds Lost and Found.” I give my brief keynote at 8:00 PM (Central time), following Sunday evening’s Sound Treasure Hunt. Watch the live stream via YouTube LIVE.

The 606 Soundscape project is made possible, in part, with support of the Chicago Park District and Trust for Public Lands.

Team Teaching Award for Eco-Sensing and the Soundscape

ecosensingsoundscapeIn October 2014 Lindsey French and I were awarded our request to team-teach a proposed course called Eco-Sensing and the Soundscape at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, for the 2015-16 academic year. Please visit our course blog:

Our course will be offered in the Fall 2015 term and cross-listed with the school’s departments of Art and Technology Studies and Sound.

Lindsey French is a Chicago-based artist and educator. Engaging in gestures of communication with landscapes and the nonhuman, her work spans a variety of media including video, performance, audio sculpture, and generative literature. Find more info on her website.

The School provides opportunities for its faculty from different departments to co-teach expanded curricular offerings, and the committee thanks you both for your contributions as colleagues and valued members of the School community.

On World Listening Day 2014 – Sounding Out!

sounding out! bannerI have a new post about the annual World Listening Day on the Sounding Out! sound studies blog this week.

Plus, stay tuned for a new World Listening Day podcast, created with Tom Haigh and Monica Ryan and due out this month. This podcast features Sabine Breitsameter and Barry Truax.

On Acoustic Ecology and Ethical Listening for City Creatures blog

Just published on the City Creatures blog, my words on acoustic ecology and “ethical listening.”

This blog post coincides with the Forum on Ethics and Nature, where I will be guiding a morning soundwalk this Friday, May 2, through Mary Mix McDonald Woods at the Chicago Botanic Garden (registration required). I will also lead a soundwalk through a portion of the Botanic Garden as part of the optional mid-day activities at the Forum.

The City Creatures blog began in 2012 to address human encounters with animals in the city. My piece serves partly as an introduction to acoustic ecology, while exploring the human-animal connection and embark on a “utopian excursion” to playfully suggest what “ethical listening” might be. It is not definitive, nor a doctrine, simply a way to pique curiosity and hopefully inspire a little more thought about a fundamental aspect of daily life, based on my personal experience.

Perhaps it can help develop better understanding of a practice and an attitude toward the use and experience of sound, and our relationship with our acoustic environment. My list is a sort of game, a way for you to play and build upon the ways that we actually but unconsciously listen.

July 18, World Listening Day Podcast for Sounding Out!

I recently finished a hour-long podcast about World Listening Day for the Sounding Out! sound studies blog, produced with fellow SAIC Sound Instructor, Monica Ryan and her husband, Tom Haigh at ARU Chicago. It goes live on World Listening Day, July 18, 2012.

World Listening Month on Sounding Out!I’m personally honored that Sounding Out! made July their own “World Listening Month”. Each week features related articles and podcasts. Our World Listening Day podcast will also be webcast by New Adventures In Sound Art, in Toronto. More information on how to participate in 2012 World Listening Day is available at

For the podcast we interviewed 11 scientists, researchers and artist about their current work in listening, field recording, and soundscape research. They include Bernie Krause, Glenn Weyant, Jay Needham, Bryan Pijanowski, Udo Noll, Luis Antero, Darren Copeland, Viv Corringham, Jed Speare, Pauline Oliveros, and Dan Godston. We also included an audio excerpt from “Exploring Balance and Focus in Acoustic Ecology”, Hildegard Westerkamp’s opening keynote for Crossing Listening Paths, the 2011 conference of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

play with me

Simple synthesizer built by Tucker Hagge

I believe this podcast serves as useful educational resource for students. Potentially, it also contributes to the future value and interest in the varied and diverse approaches to sound-making and listening of our interviewees.

World Listening Project podcast by Maile Colbert

Sounding Out! Podcast Episode #4: Within a Grain of Sand

Listen at

Just posted September 22 by Maile Colbert, author of the online article Within a Grain of Sand: Our Sonic Environment and Some of Its Shapers for Sounding Out: The Sound Studies Blog

Maile Colbert explores how several key field recordists define and explore the notion of soundscape. In her podcast, Jen Boyd, Rui Costa, Maile, and I address our work in sound studies and field recording.

Within a Grain of Sand: Our Sonic Environment and Some of Its Shapers

The Sounding Out! blog on sound studies has a new post by Maile Colbert on the Soundscape and World Listening Day. Within a Grain of Sand: Our Sonic Environment and Some of Its Shapers features five brief interviews with people active in the effort to define and explore the notion of soundscape.

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Springboard Solo | Sound Is Art Blog

03.18.2010 post on Margaret Noble’s blog, a showcase for recordings of all types from around the world. Visit and listen…

Springboard Solo

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