Walking In Between Soundscapes | August 4 | Comfort Station

Join us for a night of experimental music based in soundscapes, acoustic instruments, walking, and microtonal improvisations by New York and Chicago artists Eric Leonardson, Jenn Grossman, Amanda Gutierrez, and Stuart Jackson.

9 PM–12 AM Saturday, August 4
Comfort Station Logan Square
2579 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60647

Amanda Gutiérrez, in collaboration with Jenn Grossman
Eric Leonardson
Jenn Grossman
Stuart Jackson

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On Acoustic Ecology and Ethical Listening for City Creatures blog

Just published on the City Creatures blog, my words on acoustic ecology and “ethical listening.”

This blog post coincides with the Forum on Ethics and Nature, where I will be guiding a morning soundwalk this Friday, May 2, through Mary Mix McDonald Woods at the Chicago Botanic Garden (registration required). I will also lead a soundwalk through a portion of the Botanic Garden as part of the optional mid-day activities at the Forum.

The City Creatures blog began in 2012 to address human encounters with animals in the city. My piece serves partly as an introduction to acoustic ecology, while exploring the human-animal connection and embark on a “utopian excursion” to playfully suggest what “ethical listening” might be. It is not definitive, nor a doctrine, simply a way to pique curiosity and hopefully inspire a little more thought about a fundamental aspect of daily life, based on my personal experience.

Perhaps it can help develop better understanding of a practice and an attitude toward the use and experience of sound, and our relationship with our acoustic environment. My list is a sort of game, a way for you to play and build upon the ways that we actually but unconsciously listen.

Acoustic Mirror of the World in Synesthetic Plan of Chicago

Chicago Cultural CenterThe World Listening Project has built a public sound installation “Acoustic Mirror of the World” for the Synesthetic Plan of Chicago, an exhibition co-curated by Annie Heckman and Dan Godston for the Visitor Information Center of the Chicago Cultural Center.

My Flickr photostream shows the construction of the WLP’s installation. Continue reading

Newly invented instrument videos on Gearwire

On Friday, May 2 SAIC’s Waveforms presented videos and performances by students from the Sound Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Gretchen Hasse from Gearwire came and interviewed many of the students in my Instrument Construction course, who opened the evening with an ensemble performance on their new instruments.

The video interviews are being completed now, and the first one up in the series is with Jenna Caravello, who worked all semester on her original acoustic instrument, the Celloharp. Jenna woodshopAs you might guess from its name, this is a hybrid instrument. Jenna’s persistence and resilience in the face of so many kinds of challenges during its design and construction earns my respect and admiration.

The second video is an interview with Chris Burke who took Shawn Decker’s Programming For Sound course this spring. Chris dug deep into Max/MSP and Jitter software, and Ed Bennett’s ArtBus card, to come up with the Interactopus, a hardware interface for the real-time control of sound and video housed inside a warm, flexible fabric body.

Please visit this web page again and soon, as I announce more of Gretchen’s interviews with some of my outstanding student artists and their wonderful instruments.