My New Role In World Forum for Acoustic Ecology

Following “Crossing Listening Paths,” the 2011 World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE) Conference on Corfu Island, I became Vice President of the WFAE itself. In late July 2012, I became WFAE President. You can read my reports in the WFAE Quarterly News published online at To read past issues of the newsletter please visit the News Archives.

You can also read about our efforts on our global network of affiliate organizations, by subscribing to the WFAE’s annual print journal, Soundscape: The Journal for Acoustic Ecology.

I participated in the founding conference of the WFAE in August, 1993 at the Banff Centre for the Arts, and co-wrote an article about it with fellow sound artist, Lou Mallozzi. It was published in the since defunct, New Art Examiner in 1994.

July 18, World Listening Day Podcast for Sounding Out!

I recently finished a hour-long podcast about World Listening Day for the Sounding Out! sound studies blog, produced with fellow SAIC Sound Instructor, Monica Ryan and her husband, Tom Haigh at ARU Chicago. It goes live on World Listening Day, July 18, 2012.

World Listening Month on Sounding Out!I’m personally honored that Sounding Out! made July their own “World Listening Month”. Each week features related articles and podcasts. Our World Listening Day podcast will also be webcast by New Adventures In Sound Art, in Toronto. More information on how to participate in 2012 World Listening Day is available at

For the podcast we interviewed 11 scientists, researchers and artist about their current work in listening, field recording, and soundscape research. They include Bernie Krause, Glenn Weyant, Jay Needham, Bryan Pijanowski, Udo Noll, Luis Antero, Darren Copeland, Viv Corringham, Jed Speare, Pauline Oliveros, and Dan Godston. We also included an audio excerpt from “Exploring Balance and Focus in Acoustic Ecology”, Hildegard Westerkamp’s opening keynote for Crossing Listening Paths, the 2011 conference of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

play with me

Simple synthesizer built by Tucker Hagge

I believe this podcast serves as useful educational resource for students. Potentially, it also contributes to the future value and interest in the varied and diverse approaches to sound-making and listening of our interviewees.

A Week of Sound and Silence: Interview On Vidos Island

Interview on Vidos Island

Part of Kiki Karydi’s “A Week of Sound and Silence” project.

Kiki is a graduate student studying in the UK. She was among the many people met in Corfu for “Crossing Listening Paths” 2011 WFAE International Conference. Among the questions I respond to are, In the video I respond to four questions, “What feelings to the soundscapes in Corfu inspire in you?”, “What is ‘silence’ for you?”, and “When a soundscape is mediatized, does it lose its naturalness?”

“A Week of Sound and Silence” will feature interviews with Christopher W. Clark, Katharine Norman, R. Murray Schafer, David Murphy, and Allen S. Weiss, and other participants in “Crossing Listening Paths.”

WFAE Feature Article: Observations On “Crossing Listening Paths”

My report, “Observations on the 2011 WFAE International Conference “Crossing Listening Paths,” about the 2011 WFAE International Conference is published in the Nov/Dec WFAE Newsletter.

This report is describes my personal observations of the conference and Kerkyra, on the island of Corfu, Greece. Rather than offering an analysis of the events, I wrote about whatever held my memory for any reason. The photos were taken by Nigel Frayne and me.

Here’s one sound. I hope to post more sounds when time allows.

“Conversation, Improvisation, and Locality” at Theater of the Ionian Academy

WFAE posterConference of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, “Crossing Listening Paths” in Corfu

Monday, October 3, 2011
7:00 – 8:30 PM
Municipal Theater of Corfu
Kerkyra, Greece

The World Forum for Acoustic Ecology hosts a collaborative, hybrid lecture-performance, entitled “Conversation, Improvisation, and Locality,” by Eric Leonardson (Faculty, Sound SAIC), Jay Needham (Faculty, Radio-Television, SIU, Carbondale), and Sabine Breitsameter (Faculty of Media, Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany).

Also performing, Islands of One by Katherine Norman.

Program notes at

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