A Week of Sound and Silence: Interview On Vidos Island

Interview on Vidos Island

Part of Kiki Karydi’s “A Week of Sound and Silence” project.

Kiki is a graduate student studying in the UK. She was among the many people met in Corfu for “Crossing Listening Paths” 2011 WFAE International Conference. Among the questions I respond to are, In the video I respond to four questions, “What feelings to the soundscapes in Corfu inspire in you?”, “What is ‘silence’ for you?”, and “When a soundscape is mediatized, does it lose its naturalness?”

“A Week of Sound and Silence” will feature interviews with Christopher W. Clark, Katharine Norman, R. Murray Schafer, David Murphy, and Allen S. Weiss, and other participants in “Crossing Listening Paths.”

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