June 11: Stara Mestna Elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana

CONA announces concert and sound art performance by:

Eric Leonardson (ZDA) and Martin Brandlmayr (AUT)

Thursday, June 11, 2015, at 21.00
Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana
Slomškova 18, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Entrance fee: 5,00€

martin-ericWe are pleased to announce evening-length solo concert of two world renowned musicians and sound artists, who will present each with a one hour audio work. Facing two musical poetics: a composition for innovative acoustic instrument Springboard and top electronic drum experience.

This evening-length concert event presents two inspiring sound artists who fascinate the audiences with diversity and lushness of their sound as well as with performative dedication. Using self-made instruments and applying electronic and acoustic improvisation in new, innovative ways, they immerse us in the vastness of auditory, mental, and sensual experiences, waves, and dimensions.

More information:

Produkcija : CONA zavod za procesiranje sodobne umetnosti
V sodelovanju z: Bunker, Ljubljana
S finančno pomočjo: Avstrijski kulturni forum, Ljubljana
Program zavoda CONA podpira Mestna občina Ljubljana, oddelek za kulturo

CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing
Periceva 7
Ljubljana, SI-1000, Slovenia

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June 6: Frequenzgänge #52

Blurred Edges Festival | Elektroakustische Frequenzverschiebungen I

Centro Sociale
Sternstr. 2
20357 Hamburg

Eric Leonardson: springboard
Lê Quan Ninh: percussion
Birgit Ulher: trumpet, radio, speaker
Angharad Davies: violin
Gunnar Lettow: e-bass, objects, electronics

Bei den Frequenzgängen treffen sich namhafte Improvisatoren Europas und Amerikas um in unterschiedlichen Besetzungen neue Klangräume zu erschaffen. Eric Leonardson aus Chicago spielt sein selbst gebautes Instrument Springboard. Er ist Komponist, Sound Designer und widmet sich in unorthodoxer Weise Klängen und Instrumenten. Der französische Perkussionist Lê Quan Ninh ist Improvisator und spielt in Ensembles zeitgenössischer Musik. Die Hamburgerin Birgit Ulher hat eine am Klang orientierte musikalische Sprache jenseits des offenen Trompetentons enwickelt, sie arbeitet mit Radios, Lautsprechern und anderen Objekten. Angharad Davis aus London erweitert die klanglichen Möglichkeiten der Violine mit Objekten und verschiedenen Materialien, die sie mit feinem Gespür in der musikalischen Situation einsetzt. Gastgeber Gunnar Lettow bearbeitet seinen E-Bass mit Spießen, Pinseln, Klammern und Effektgeräten.

Sound and Listening: Beyond the Wall of Broadcast Sound

On April 15 my article for Volume 22, Issue 1 of the Journal of Radio and Audio Media was published. “Sound and Listening: Beyond the Wall of Broadcast Sound” describes how World Listening Day engages and educates individuals and groups in soundscape awareness, and the socio-aesthetic potential of radio and audio media for communicating and engaging local and global awareness.

The Journal of Radio and Audio Media is published by Routledge/Taylor and Francis Group.

May 15: HOME RADIATION at Defibrillator


Defibrillator is proud to present




Performing with radiophonic instruments, unique homemade electronics, micro-watt transmitters, and re-purposed objects, ANNA FRIZ, JEFF KOLAR and ERIC LEONARDSON create intimate atmospheres traversing acoustic and electro-magnetic space. Together their work can be characterized as a mindful collaboration with vibrational surfaces and unstable circuits; and with subtle treatments of potentially noisy, often lo-fi materials from which highly detailed landscapes emerge. Though all three artists have worked with one another in various constellations in Chicago and internationally, this concert is their premiere outing as a trio.

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May 8: Original Instruments Ensemble at SAIC

OIE poster

Friday, May 8 at 2:30pm – 4:30pm, my Instrument Construction students will conclude the spring semester with a display of, and performances with, their new and original instrument inventions for SAIC students, staff, and faculty at the Leroy Neiman Center.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
37 S. Wabash Avenue
Chicago IL 60603


May 2: Radius Episode 63, SoundTent at Camp Sherwin

On International Dawn Chorus Day I am inviting local citizens to join me at the shoreline of Lake Michigan at 5:00-6:00 a.m. Saturday, May 2. My “SoundTent” will be located on the beach one block east of Sheridan Road, 20 paces past 1205 W Sherwin Avenue, in Chicago.

Radius logo

Episode 63: Eric Leonardson

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Earth Day at Highland Park Public Library with Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology

Today I am leading a public soundwalk with the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology at Highland Park Public Library. You are welcome to join us. This event is open to all (ages 8 and up) and free to participants.

Saturday, April 18
2:00pm – 3:00pm

494 Laurel Ave, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

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