Saturday, March 22 – 3WDS14 – New York


I have a new electroacoustic composition premiering in the “Hydrosonics” program, part of the World Water Wheel on Saturday, March 22 in New York.

Produced by Ear to the Earth

12–8pm SATURDAY 22 MARCH 2014
NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
Department of Music and Performing Arts
35 W. 4th Street, New York, NY

My untitled piece explores field recordings, both as an audio document of the ever-changing material behavior of water, through its physical states (solid and liquid), and as digital material with potential musical content. I sought to render these sounds as a sort of journal of my acoustic experience of life in a particular place over the seasons, on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Ear to the Earth is a worldwide network for environmental sound art based in New York City. This node will involve live performances, artist talks and research presentations inspired by the 2014 theme exploring the extremes and contrasts of water though sound. The works will feature field recordings from rural lakes in Australia, the depths of the Indian ocean and the sounds of cracking ice in the Arctic.

This node also includes documentation of Leah Barclay’s HydroSonics Lab, an intuitive improvisation featuring musicians from across the world responding to water.


Session One: 12pm – 3pm

12pm – Ear to the EarthJoel Chadabe and Leah Barclay perform selected works including the premiere of Leah Barclay’s new work ‘Distill’ with the Australian Voices live in Australia
12:30pm – HydroSonics Labs – Improvisation with musicians across the world including Mahesh Vinayakram, son of Grammy Award Winner Padmashri T.H. Vikku Vinayakram, one of the leading artists in the field of Carnatic music
1pm – Patrick Treguer – Espace Mendès – live collaboration with artists in France
1:30pm – Fernando Godoy – Hidrofonias:607kms – Live audio-visual presentation based on field recordings collected on three rivers and a glacier in Chile
2pm – Cecile Babiole and Jean-Marie Boyer – General Water Codification – Research presentation on an installation that comprises a system for transmitting short text messages through a local network that uses a water circuit to transport data (live from Paris)
2:30pm – Sergey Jivetin – Voluminous HydroLogic – Experiencing an installation using medical IV tubing filled with water, run by a peristaltic pump and powered by solar energy

Session Two: 4:45pm – 7.30pm

4:45pm – Joel Chadabe – Reflections on Ear to the Earth
5pm – Ricardo Dal Farra – Conciertos Imaginarios performance (Montreal)
5:30pm – Nicholas Ng and Julian Wong – Remembering Chinaman Creek performance (Brisbane/China)
6pm – Ear to the Earth – Garth Paine & Eric Leonardson – Electroacoustic compositions
6:30pm – Ear to the Earth – Ros Bandt, Toby Gifford & Simon Linke – Electroacoustic performances with a live hydrophone in the Brisbane river
7pm – HydroSonics Lab – WaterWheel artists and guest improvisations from across the world

Symposium close – final discussion and closing remarks (New York / Brisbane): 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Produced by Ear to the Earth –
Contact Leah Barclay – | twitter @leahbarclay

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