Moving Between Two or More Places | Broadcast Sunday, September 2

Moving Between Two Or More Places, a work for radio airs on Radiokunst – Kunstradio

Sunday, September 2. 11:03 pm – 11:59 pm (CEST) / 4:03 pm – 4:59 pm (CDT)

Listen to the stream online at ÖRF (Austrian Public Radio)

This work for Kunstradio reimagines and reflects the diversity and relationships of acoustic communications I personally hear and create in urban and suburban soundscapes. My recent travels and residencies in Chicago, Austria, and Germany serve both as a theme and a source of sounds. These tones and noises come from simple handheld and handmade electronic instruments, field recordings, and computer-based audio manipulation.

Over a month-long residency at AIR Krems, a week in Augsburg, and early this year, at the Ragdale artists community, I experimented with many physical and digital objects and materials, and even a piano. Featuring prominently are resynthesized sounds of a public address announcement and passing trains in Vienna, fireworks in Krems, and my tabletop experiments with voice, inductors and electromagnetic fields, and a self-built light-sensing oscillator. Piezoelectric vibration sensors on my larynx and pencil amplified the bodily movements of writing and speech. A friend’s accidental cell phone call and long recorded message, made while she walked steadily at 120 bpm, provided a rhythmic, noisy and humorous artifact of everyday experiences in mobility and wireless transmission.

Some sounds conceal their origins once recorded. The idling boat engine on the Danube River could be a low note on contra bass. Cold winter wind blowing through brittle dried burdock in the prairie, with a faraway train horn, offers an odd perspective; such extremes of distal and proximal sounds, recorded in one place at one time, make it seem artificial.

Two summer outdoor soundscapes also appear. Now in Chicago, different species of cicadas produce a whine very similar to electrical transformers and my digital processes. They mix with the flyovers of air traffic approaching O’Hare International Airport. While both are relentless, soon the cicadas will pass. Outdoors in Augsburg, trams, cars, and lawnmowers dominated while I played my oscillators harmonized with the machinery. My newly invented instrument, the Schaschliktstäben Violin leads us out at this piece’s conclusion.

Featured on Third Coast International Audio Festival

Anna Friz was recently featured on the Third Coast International Audio
Festival (TCAIF) podcast. dancing walls silohuettesAnna writes: “There’s a bit of interview, a shorter version of an older piece called ‘The Clandestine Transmissions of Pirate Jenny’, and then excerpts from recent work with Eric Leonardson called ‘Dancing Walls Stir the Prairies’. ” This latter piece is the one we created at the free103point9 Wave Farm in May 2007 for broadcast on Austrian public radio’s weekly Kunstradio-Radiokunst program in June, 2007.

Our collaboration began two years prior, when we were enlisted to be artists-in-residence in Toronto’s annual Deep Wireless Festival, with Evalyn Parry and Chris Brookes. We created and performed four live radio theater pieces in response to new audio documentaries created by four other writers and artists for CBC’s Outfront radio series.

One of pieces we created and performed, “Other Music” is about my relationship with sound and my invented instrument, the Springboard. The performance can be heard on the Deep Wireless 3 CD compilation and (an Internet archive/real-time player for sonic art and electroacoustic music). The Deep Wireless Festival is one of the few radio art festivals in North America that brings together influential artists, composers, producers, and thinkers from around the world.

The Third Coast International Audio Festival (TCAIF) is a program created by WBEZ (the Chicago affiliate of the National Public Radio network) for the support of audio documentary producers and artists. Re:sound is a weekly radio program on WBEZ (91.5 FM) that features selections from TCAIF’s awarded productions. The TCIAF website links to its podcasts, schedule, festival applications, and descriptions of the productions it features.

Current plans for my collaboration with Anna are to build on the ideas and work we started in 2007 with more recording and more touring in this summer of 2008.