Radio Without Boundaries 2008

RWB08_logoThis weekend I’m attending the 7th annual Radio Without Boundaries conference on Radio & Transmission Art in Toronto.

Among the participating artists and producers are Tetsuo Kogawa (Japan), Chris Brookes (Can), Jared Weissbrot (USA), Trademark G (USA), Chantal Dumas (Can), Anna Friz (Can), Andreas Kahre (Can), Peter Courtemanche (Can), Damiano Pietropaolo, and Neil Sandell (Can).

The performances and talks begin Friday evening, May 30th and are streamed live on’s Transmission Art Radio. Use this for the online stream. All this continues through Sunday, June 1st. Visit the Radio Without Boundaries website for the schedule. I plan on participating in the Micro Radio and Text and Sound workshops, using the blog format of this web page to report on what I learn, so please come back and have a look and listen.

About the conference…

Radio Without Boundaries (RWB) is a part of the month-long Deep Wireless Festival, an annual event organized by New Adventures In Sound Art. The significance of the Deep Wireless Festival is in its intensity and caliber of invited artists. It is a month-long annual festival that brings together the world’s most influential artists, composers, producers, and thinkers in radio art and audio documentary.

Deep Wireless logoI enjoyed the honor of being invited to create and perform an original work in the 2005 Deep Wireless Festival. My collaboration with Anna Friz grew out of this residency opportunity. With her, Chris Brookes, and Evalyn Parry we performed four live radio theater pieces that each one of us conceived as a response to four radio works that had been created for CBC’s OutFront documentary series. Mark Cassidy and Darren Copeland provided stage and artistic direction. I’ll take the blame or credit for “Other Music”, made in response to a wonderful piece entitled “About Time” by Yves Daoust (RealPlayer required). This compelling piece uses old reel-to-reel tape technology to tell the story about how the technology itself inspired Yves Daoust to use recorded sounds to make music, leading him to become the renowned electroacoustic composer that he is.

“Other Music” can be heard on the Deep Wireless 3 CD compilation, on the Deep Wireless 2005 website, and on Sonus, an Internet archive/real-time player for sonic art and electroacoustic music.

While I attempt to write here about the conference, I should mention another blog called Justin Grotelueschen, who is driving from Boston with his friend Nick van der Kolk, will be covering the conference for Transom, who also featured a short article about my 2005 RWB workshop by one of its participants, Linda O’Keefe.

More info about my work with Anna Friz and her feature on the Third Coast International Audio Festival is posted here.

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