World Listening Project

I’m working on a new project initiated by Dan Godston called the World Listening Project. What is it?

The goals of the World Listening Project are to collect field recordings from every country on earth, to create a sonic map of the world, and to archive those recordings on a website. Many of the recordings for WLP have already been recorded, but many more will be recorded and archived. The WLP website is a work in progress, and it will be part of the Third Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival (October 1–12, 2008). It will continue to be developed into the future.

The Chicago Calling festival was started by Dan Godston. A Yahoo! Group called worldlisteningproject is where a large and growing number of people are joining together on the Internet to realize the World Listening Project. Among the group’s esteemed members we have the natural soundscape researcher and recordist, Bernie Krausse. He is a musician, ecologist, and author who has been working in the field of natural soundscape recording since 1968. Bernie is author of several books, the latest is Wild Soundscapes: Discovering the Voice of Natural Soundscapes (Wilderness Press, 2002). Visit his website Wild Sanctuary to learn more about his work and media company. Bernie has a sound map here:

In addition to the worldlisteningproject Yahoo! Group, Dan Godston has started a World Listening Project blog:

Use this link to join the Yahoo! Group:

Click here to join worldlistening
Click to join worldlistening group

Visit this link for an update on the World Listening Project.

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