Performing Saturday, March 6 at Enemy

9 PM Saturday,  March 6 at Enemy, a double bill with Auris and WUMMIN


  • Julia Miller – guitar, electronics
  • Christopher Preissing – flute, objects, electronics
  • Eric Leonardson – springboard, electronics


  • Andrew Royal – violin
  • Anita Chari – cello, voice
  • Brian Sulpizio – drums
1550 N Milwaukee Avenue, 3rd floor
Chicago, IL 60622
(doors at 8:00)

WUMMIN is a horse-hair metal power-trio who conjures demons from the abyss and angels from the outer realms, but keeps you safe and cozy inside a heavy circle of sonic protection.

Auris is a Chicago-based collective that performs original music on traditional, electronic, and self-built instruments. Founded in 2007, Auris employs free improvisation and graphic scores to playfully explore texture, atmosphere, and microtones…


Recording of Auris and Andrew Royal (violin) of WUMMIN recorded at Enemy, February 17, 2010. Length 10 minutes, 15 seconds.


9:00 – 9:30: Set 1

9:35 – 10:05: Set 2

10:10 – 10:25: Auris + WUMMIN

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