November 19 at Myopic With Albert Wildeman (bass)

Eric Leonardson performs at Myopic. (Photo taken by Aaron Zarzutski, August 2008)

7:30 PM, Monday, November 19

Myopic Bookstore
1564 N. Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60622
Find us up on the second floor.

Albert Wildeman (bass) and Eric Leonardson (springboard, electronics) perform in the weekly Myopic Improvised/Experimental Music Series, curated by Fred Lonberg-Holm, Brian Labycz and Aaron Zarzutzki.

More info the Myopic Improvised/Experimental Music Series:

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March performances

Daniel Fishkin plays daxophone8:00 p.m., Saturday March 28

I perform at Enemy with Daniel Fishkin, daxophone player extraordinaire. The Green Pasture Happiness will open: Aaron Zarzutzki (no-output turntable), Daniel Fandiño (electronics), and Brian Labycz (electronics).

1550 N. Milwaukee Ave., 3rd floor
Chicago IL 60622
$5 donation suggested

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