Malformation, 60×60 PianoForte Mix

My one-minute composition, Malformation was selected for the 60×60 PianoForte mix at the PianoForte Foundation, coordinated by Christopher Preissing. Founder/organizer Robert Voisey describes 60×60 as a one-hour music extravaganza featuring 60 one-minute slices of New Music.

Malformation is a digital sound creation that uses one small piano sample read by a self-made application, built from Nobuyasu Sakonda’s Max/MSP patches. Made in 2000, his freely available patch allows for random panning, graphical drawing of the resynthesis as a gesture in performance, among other kinds of control.

Michael Norris’s Sound Magic freeware spectral shaping AU plugin, and the Freeverb AU plugin added some timbral and spatial characteristics to the output of the re-synthesized Fazioli piano sample.

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