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  scene from Urban Archeology

A Call For Silence, "Erster Berliner" cited in CD review, Computer Music Journal MIT Press (2005)

Tracing 'The Perimeter', review by Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times Theater Critic. (October 29, 2004)

Nina Metz's article about the sensor technology, sound design, conceptual and thematic development of Plasticene's The Perimeter in the Chicago Tribune. Perimeter_Trib.pdf 632k download (October, 2004)

Radio Reverie In the Waiting Place innocent eyes & lenses IEL 0011 CD review in The Improvisor (1999)

PerformInk feature on Plasticene's The Palmer Raids remount in New York City. (November, 2003)

"Eric Leonardson and the Art of Acousmatic Composition" by Jacopo Andreini, published in All About Jazz.(February, 2001)

"Painting With Waves"
An Interview with Sabine Breitsameter on Sound and Radio Art
by Eric Leonardson. (Chicago SoundWeb, Summer 1995)

Site Removal was a collection of acousmatic works that formed the basis for Urban Archeology, an ensemble sound performance staged in 1993. Urban Archeology/Site Removal was released on cassette that same year. (Eric Leonardson, 1994)




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