Illinois News: Soundwalks in Urbana parks put participants in touch with sonic environments


Chicago-based audio artist Eric Leonardson will lead soundwalks in two Urbana parks this week as part of the Sonified Sustainability Festival, to celebrate sustainable practices in the arts. The soundwalks aim to make people more aware of the sounds around them, both natural and man-made. Photo by David Zuchowski

On April 26, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign news posted this well-written online article by Jodi Heckel about my public soundwalks in Urbana parks, all part of the Sonified Sustainability Festival. Thanks go to Jason Finkelman and the Student Sustainability Committee for their interest and support. In coming months look for a video documenting the festival’s artists and their performances. Portion of this will include the Springboard and my concert at Krannert Art Museum with Carol Genetti and Guillermo Gregorio last October.


MSAE meeting with Jay Needham


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Here are photos of the scene on Friday for Jay Needham’s talk, Ars Memoria: Several Alternates Hostories of Place. These images are from Lantern Projects, our host.

Please visit this post again later as I hope to add some audio excerpts, and visit for updates to the MSAE schedule.

Chicago Phonography @ The Op Shop

Chicago Phonography @ The Op Shop

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This evening’s show was quite wonderful. We played for an hour and a half, and our attentive audience all stayed for an impromptu discussion afterward. We all didn’t expect this to happen and thoroughly enjoyed it. We felt so welcome…many thanks to Laura Shaeffer and Chris Hammes for making this happen.

More info about The Op Shop is on their website:

Here is an excerpt from the recording of the performance.


Past performance recordings can be heard on our website: