Tribute for Pauline Oliveros at Fridman Gallery

Dear Friends, Happy New Year greetings!

At 6pm Sunday, 8 January I will join the Apple Box Orchestra in a large tribute for Pauline Oliveros, the great female pioneer of electronic music and founder/exponent of Deep Listening, who died at age 84, on 26 November 2016.

287 Spring Street
New York, NY 10013
between Varick and Hudson
(646) 345-9831

This tribute launches the New Ear Festival ’17 at Fridman Gallery 8–16 January. Gallery director Iliya Fridman wrote…

The idea is to assemble an “Apple Box Orchestra” consisting of live, telematic and pre-recorded performers throughout the day. Here is Pauline’s description of the piece:

…remembering the instruments I made in San Francisco at the end of the ’50s and remembering I had a piece called “Apple Box.” I had an old apple box I liked and I knew. It was like an old friend as well, because an apple box that has seasoned wood is a very resonant box. I used to amplify the box and put all kinds of things on the box to play: curb scrapers from automobiles, little implements from the kitchen — anything, small little things — and then amplify them, do things with them, make sounds.
Between the Apple Box Orchestra sets Leila Bordreuil (cello) and Peter Evans/Nate Wooley are doing a two-trumpet version of Earth Ears. Also, this video from her performance at the gallery last September with Seth Cluett will play as part of the 9 Evenings + 50 series.

Pauline Oliveros and Seth Cluett – 9 Evenings +50 from Fridman Gallery on Vimeo.

July 18, World Listening Day Podcast for Sounding Out!

I recently finished a hour-long podcast about World Listening Day for the Sounding Out! sound studies blog, produced with fellow SAIC Sound Instructor, Monica Ryan and her husband, Tom Haigh at ARU Chicago. It goes live on World Listening Day, July 18, 2012.

World Listening Month on Sounding Out!I’m personally honored that Sounding Out! made July their own “World Listening Month”. Each week features related articles and podcasts. Our World Listening Day podcast will also be webcast by New Adventures In Sound Art, in Toronto. More information on how to participate in 2012 World Listening Day is available at

For the podcast we interviewed 11 scientists, researchers and artist about their current work in listening, field recording, and soundscape research. They include Bernie Krause, Glenn Weyant, Jay Needham, Bryan Pijanowski, Udo Noll, Luis Antero, Darren Copeland, Viv Corringham, Jed Speare, Pauline Oliveros, and Dan Godston. We also included an audio excerpt from “Exploring Balance and Focus in Acoustic Ecology”, Hildegard Westerkamp’s opening keynote for Crossing Listening Paths, the 2011 conference of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

play with me

Simple synthesizer built by Tucker Hagge

I believe this podcast serves as useful educational resource for students. Potentially, it also contributes to the future value and interest in the varied and diverse approaches to sound-making and listening of our interviewees.

Just Listen photos from Fergus Kelly

Just Listen, a set by Fergus Kelly on Flickr.

My friend Fergus Kelly from Dublin posted this lovely set of photos of performances from Just Listen, in Cork, Ireland. The shots of David Toop and The Quiet Club were taken on Friday, before I arrived. Pauline Oliveros and John Godfrey performed as a duo on Saturday before me, at CIT Cork School of Music.

Via Flickr:
Live events

Cork School Of Music

April 2011

Just Listen at the National Sculpture Factory, April 15–17

JustListenApril 15–17, 2011

National Sculpture Factory
Albert Road
ph 00353 21 4314353

On Saturday, April 16 I will give a talk about the World Listening Project and give a performance at the CIT Cork School of Music. Pauline Oliveros will also be performing telematically from the US with John Godfrey. On Sunday at 12 p.m. I lead a soundwalk workshop in Cork.

Just Listen is a sound art event initiated by the National Sculpture Factory that will unfold across various venues and sites across Cork and Limerick through April 2011. Just Listen will include installations, performances, talks, workshops events and concerts. Invited artists include: David Toop, Anne Bean, Pauline Oliveros, Michael Prime, Eric Leonardson, Stephen Vitiello, John Godfrey, Sabine Breitsameter, and Nicolas Collins. Just Listen was curated by Danny McCarthy and Sean Taylor.

For further information, download the programme.