Amherst College Copeland Colloquia on Art in Place / the Place of Art

ArtinPlacePosterFallFinalBeginning in January I will be an artist-in-residence at Amherst College. I was selected by faculty at Amherst College to be a Copeland Fellow in their colloquium on “Art in Place/the Place of Art.” The Copeland Fellows for the spring semester also include saxophonist Matana Roberts, filmmaker Catherine Masud, and choreographer Idan Cohen.

The Copeland Colloquium was established in 1971 by Morris A. Copeland, Class of 1917, and his wife, Mary, with the intent “to bring together people of diverse backgrounds and different perspectives to engage with faculty and students at Amherst College in a way designed to promote the cross-fertilization of ideas.” The Copeland Fellows, who often participate in colloquia and other programming on campus, bring to the College a variety of perspectives and interests, enriching the Amherst community.

Read more about the Copeland Colloquia here.

With a focus on “Art in Place and the Place in Art” I think my activities in sound and acoustic ecology make me a good fit for this theme. I hope to assess recent experiences and think about my future as an artist and educator in sound. My concerns are with the role and the media of sound recording in art, science, and social contexts. This is informed by the interdisciplinary concepts and practices of acoustic ecology, including soundwalk practices, soundscape composition, and acoustic design. Research and development time would be devoted to creation and completion of some projects already started. Developing new projects and some live performances are my agenda, too.

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